Alfredo Plessmann III

Born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1977, Plessmann discovered the love for the film medium, shooting movies and photos during his early childhood, a practice he came back to 20 years later. Graphic Design, Architecture and Sound Engineering schools shaped his style and paved the way to Film & Photography studies in New York City in his early thirties, developing a multimedia style ranging from installations to music.
His filmmaker approach is present in the way the narrative is presented, throughout the various personas he incarnates.
Inspired in classic chinese glasses, Plessmann designed the Squares 2.0 Sunglass Collection, curating cities and colors, in conjunction with the development of his brand Never Exposed.
He has participated in group shows in New York and Lisbon  with his current project THOUGHTS, a collection of long exposure shots that explore the possible inner structures of our mind, paired with oscilating sounds arranged in a soundtrack by a his heteronym: Domoyoshi.
Around 400 scenes were captured during the winter of 2018 in Moscow, Russia.
Sun, Aug 18, 2019. 15:34:14

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